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Get Lost

31 Jan


For 2015 I didn’t make any specific resolutions, but one thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is create a series of prints that could potentially become a show or an art book. I’ve been working on a series of portraits based on abstract concepts, so I thought I’d try one for this theme. Also, my environmental concept art skills are not so strong, so this was a sort of cheater-y way out on my part.

You can’t tell it from my scan, but in real life this is printed with eye-hurtingly fluorescent pink ink.



1 Mar


I’ve been doing a lot of block printing lately since the most time-consuming class I signed up for this term got cancelled and I stupidly didn’t add anything to replace it (which I will definitely pay for next term…yeah). Even though this was probably not the best decision academically, it’s been really nice to take a break from making things on the computer and work with with more tactile materials. Also, carving the blocks is time-consuming and mindless, which make it the perfect excuse to marathon TV shows while still (sort of) being able to convince yourself that you are being productive.

I picked this month’s prompt kind of selfishly as people with glasses are probably my favorite thing to draw. It’s a huge pain to get the different colored layers to line up correctly though since misaligned glasses look really weird, and unfortunately not in a lovably quirky way.