Da Rules

Here’s how it works:

  1. On the first day of each month, one of us declares a drawing ‘prompt.’ Every month, the role of prompt-maker is passed on alphabetically by last name. (Check out the alphabetically-organized bios page for reference.) If a prompt isn’t given in the first five days, the next person down the line gets to provide the prompt for that month.
  2. Make an artwork incorporating the prompt. As an artist, you’re free to deviate from the original prompt, just make sure you’re incorporating it somehow. While this started as an illustration blog, you’re welcome to render your submission through most any other form of visual art, e.g. 3D modeling, sculpture, printmaking, photoshop manipulation, or even photography (just give it some creative effort!)
  3. On the final day of every month, post your submission!

Easy peezy?

Lemon squeezy.


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