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Future City

16 Feb

Sorry this is super late! I just wanted to post this environmental piece that I worked on a few months ago.  I thought it fit the prompt for last month pretty well! This was for a short film that I was helping do some VFX for and ended up creating this and a few other shots from scratch. This image is a combination of my work and some talented matte painters who went in and drew some of the detail like the windows and dirt texture.

Launch_Shot02_v4 (0-00-04-10)


December Prompt

31 Dec

IMAG0144So I am posting this as a cellphone pic from a friends house for New Years. Happy New Years! Sorry, for the quality of the pic. I really wish I would have gotten to color it so the idea would have conveyed better but there was no time. Anyways I recently watched ‘Attack on Titan’. After awhile of thinking I decided to use the apathetic character Levi from my prompt and wondered what he would be like if he existed in the Sailor Moon universe that I watched as a young child. So, here’s Sailor Levi and his duster for ultimate house cleaning.

The Human Movie

31 Dec

Have you ever wondered what a character that is based off a human would look like as a human? Well, here’s Emmet from the LEGO movie. I chose the moment when he first sees Wyldstyle, with a reference image below. I hope y’all have a happy new years!

photo (1)



1 Dec


Behold: Flin. Or F.L.I.N (still don’t know what the acronym stands for)… Flying uh, Lazy Indigenous Noodle. I’ll work on that.  My only inspiration here was that I wanted to created a simple tiny robot that could potentially be the hero of a future short film.  He still has a long way to go as far as texturing and realism, but he’s simple enough that he could be animated and given some personality.

Fifty Robots Mostly!

30 Nov

Oh my heavens, oh my stars and garters look at all those fifty robots definitely. There sure are fifty of them down there! Wowee zowee, look at how fifty they are. I’ll explain that I cheated a bit this month in that I was already doing an assignment for my Digital Drawing class where I had to do a drawing a day for the whole term. So I chose this month’s theme so I wouldn’t have to do any more work, because I am a lazy busy man. And for the assignment, half of the drawings have to be in only black and white. So I did that. And since the term is almost over, I have below all fifty *cough* drawings that I needed to do. So there they are. I’ve provided a key at the bottom for those of youse who don’t know all these extremely obscure robuts.

Daily Drawing-02 Daily Drawing-03 Daily Drawing-04 Daily Drawing-05 Daily Drawing-06 Daily Drawing-07 Daily Drawing-08 Daily Drawing-09 Daily Drawing-10 Daily Drawing-11 Daily Drawing-12 Daily Drawing-13 Daily Drawing-14 Daily Drawing-15 Daily Drawing-16 Daily Drawing-17 Daily Drawing-18 Daily Drawing-19 Daily Drawing-20 Daily Drawing-21 Daily Drawing-22 Daily Drawing-23 Daily Drawing-24 Daily Drawing-25 Daily Drawing-26 Daily Drawing-27 Daily Drawing-28 Daily Drawing-29 Daily Drawing-30 Daily Drawing-31 Daily Drawing-32 Daily Drawing-33 Daily Drawing-34 Daily Drawing-35 Daily Drawing-36 Daily Drawing-37 Daily Drawing-38 Daily Drawing-39 Daily Drawing-40 Daily Drawing-41 Daily Drawing-42 Daily Drawing-47Daily Drawing-44 Daily Drawing-45Daily Drawing-46

1) HAL 9000 — 2001: A Space Odyssey
2) Bender — Futurama
3) C3P0 and R2D2 — Some movie about asteroids, I think
4) Rosie the Riveter Robot — The Jetsons
5) Mega Man — Mega Man — Mega Man
6) Marvin the Paranoid Android — Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
7) Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo — Mystery Science Theater 3000
8) T-800 — Toiminatah
9) F.L.U.D.D. — Super Mario Sunshine
10) GLaDOS — Portal
11) The Iron Giant — The Iron Giant
12) That robot they find on the moon in that one Wallace & Gromit — That one Wallace & Gromit
13) The Mr. Krabs imposter robot from that one Spongebob — That one Spongebob (Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli)
14) Google android mascot — Real life(?)
15) The Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator — Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
16) Robert Cop — Robocop
17) BMO — Adventure Time
18) Chibi Robo — It’s a video game
19) The Tin Man — The Marvelous Magician of Oz, or something like that
20) Weebo — Flubber
21) Mechagodzilla — Godzilla
22) EVE — Wall-E
23) Lieutenant Commander Data — Star Trek: The Next Generation
24) H.E.L.P.eR. — Venture Bros.
25) Dot Matrix — Spaceballs
26) Recognizer — TRON
27) Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots — Hasbro, probably
28) Laputa Robot — Castle in the Sky
29) Monita — Nintendoland
30) Baymax — Big Hero 6
31) XJ9 — My Life as a Teenage Robot
32) Omnidroid — The Incredibles
33) Optimus Prime — Transformers
34) CL4P-TP — Borderlands
35) Robbie the Robot — Lots of stuff. The ’50s. Forbidden Planet, I guess.
36) Cyberman — Doctor Whom
37) TARS — Interstellar
38) DOR-15 — Disney’s Meet the Robinsons
39) Voltron: Defender of the Universe — Voltron: Defender of the Universe
40) R.O.B. — Real Life Nintendo toy
41) Mr. Butlertron — Clone High (his name isn’t Wesley; he calls everyone else that)
42) Noo Noo — Teletubbies
43) 80s Robot — Muppet Movie
44) Astro Boy — Astro Boy
Uhh…50) Dog — Half-Life 2

A Late Craigslist

4 Nov


Sorry this is late ^_^’ I have no amazing excuse besides: midterms and Halloween! Anyways I didn’t give myself much time for this and I don’t really use Craigslist at all sooo… This is all I could come up with while doodling in French class. When My german shepherd passed away a few years ago I decided that when I got another dog it would have to be a shepherd as well. When I went to look for puppies the only place I could think of to find them easily was Craigslist. Sadly most were out of my price range since they were pure bred-as this little doodle promptly states. Maybe someday I’ll get myself another shepherd…someday! 🙂


March 2014 prompt: Saucy

2 Mar

March 2014 prompt: Saucy

um … I don’t know who’s turn it is to make a prompt but I was procrastinating so I did! I thought this would be a good word because I’m reading Gone With the Wind, which features a rather saucy female protagonist and also because this week I discovered the delicious combination on curry and french fries.