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January 2015: GET LOST

5 Jan


Where would you like to get lost? Where do you most commonly get lost? How do you know you’re lost and what do you see?

Though it’s not something most of us experience in our day-to-day lives, being lost is a unique, unmistakable, and undeniably fascinating concept. Also potentially upsetting if you’ve got some place to be, but let’s disregard that for a moment and just steep in the sensation.

This January, let’s GET LOST and see your best environment concepts, and how you choose to immerse us in the feeling of being lost!


Market Place blaise_450



December: The Movie That Might Have Been

7 Dec

AvenGIRLS! Ha! no.

Sometimes people get so invested in a movie that they start developing their own alternate universes for that particular series. It’s fun to think about the favorite character being something completely different, but staying the same in a way. It makes no sense, but it does. Okay, so think of your favorite movie and your favorite character, what would they be like in an alternate universe? Would they be a different gender? Species? Ethnicity? Maybe even a little bit gay? Whatever it is, do it up.


Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

6 Nov

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.20.07 AM

Hello, gang! It’s been a while! It looks like I’m up to bat for the prompt this month, so:

*BEEP* input_prompt=(robotrelated 0, 1)/ArtPrjt :: yes *BEEP*

Do whatevah you want, as long as it relates to soulless, metal automatons! Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

October: Craigslist

1 Oct

So, as a person looking for both a job and a place to live, I’ve been spending a lot of time on this here website:


When I’m feeling optimistic, Craigslist seems like the starting point for all sorts of potential stories, a great job I could get, a cool house I could live in, all these potential connections with interesting people just waiting to be made. Other days it’s a giant red flag factory full of sketchy “modeling” opportunities, people who have no idea how to pay for creative work, and barely-suppressed hostility. And sometimes you reach out but just never hear back.

But even when nothing good comes of Craigslist, it’s still a fascinating cross-section of the human experience. It could be a great place to launch a social experiment or participatory art project, or just gawk at the weirdos posting missed connections.

Good luck and welcome back!



28 Feb


The first thing I thought of when Michelle posted “spectacle” was the circus!  I’ve also been watching a lot of videos of this woman making “art journals”  and I was itching to cut up some paper and put it back together!  I also had all these frames I got for chrismas so I started with the smallest one, this circle’s about 3 inches in diameter.  and I made it out of scrap book paper!  Also his monocle is a little jewelry ring!


16 Feb

Hey guys! Did anyone else notice when no one else posted anything for last month’s prompt? Did anyone else never get around to doing that illustration they were planning on posting late, but eventually? Was anyone else worried that this blog was dead forever? Fortunately, Daniel asked me to give y’all a prompt for this month so…the Ink Tank Engine will ride again? Is that even the right verb to use? Maybe I could put in a Little Engine the Could reference? Anyway, at the very least, I promise I will draw something this month and post it.

Some spectacular spectacles by Elsa Schiaparelli.

Some spectacular spectacles by Elsa Schiaparelli.

The prompt for this last bit of February is SPECTACLE. So take the opportunity to create something over-the-top ridiculous enough to put Baz Luhrmann and Hieronymus Bosch to shame. Or, if you’re short on time and/or ideas, just draw a pair of glasses on seriously anything and you’ll have a great illustration. Enjoy!

The Native

5 Jan


Warm up those character generators my friends, because this year’s first prompt is The Native.
I’m currently out here in Clyde Park, Montana (i.e. middle of bumfuck nowhere) for a friend’s wedding that happened yesterday in Yellowstone. The temperature this morning was 0 degrees fahrenheit, there’s very little in the department of edible shrubbery, and I’m wondering one thing: HOW the DICKENS did people survive in this god-forsaken region of the planet?!
Turns out they didn’t just survive, but the natives of this area eventually found a pretty efficient way of life. But they were entirely molded by their environment, and there’s no question that they were a hardy breed of people because of it.
Native is definitely a relative term, and I think we’re all most certainly shaped by our environment in one way or another. But I think the concept definitely lends itself to some interesting character possibilities, so have fun with this prompt!


Pictured: Not a native.