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Daniel Cespedes
The Bagpiping Brakeman
Areas of Focus: Animation, Illustration, Filmmaking, Music
Favorite ArtistsJamie Hewlett, Anthony Holden, Andrea Garcia, Ian Abando (Dreamworks), Adam Dix (Disney), Pernille Ørum, William Hogarth, Nicholas Gurewitch, Kate Beaton, Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin (CreatureBox)
Weakness: Primitive Textiles

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Elise Collier
The One Caught in the Wheel
Areas of Focus: Drawing, eating, sleeping, training pokemon.
Favorite Artists: Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Julie Taymor, and the geniuses at Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks.
Weakness: Dark and ghost type moves.

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Evan Gütt
The Dude in the Blue Shoes
Areas of Focus: Animation, Compositing, Cinematography, Filmmaking
Favorite Artists: G Monk, Andrew Kramer, Doug Sweetland, Pedro Campos
Weakness: Doughnuts


Laura Killip
The Dame in the Dining Car
Areas of Focus: Singing, Dancing, Princessing, Doodling
Favorite Artists: Glen Keane, Al Hirschfeld, Brianna Garcia, Heather Campbell
Weakness: Fandom

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Michelle Leigh
The Snarky Station Agent
Areas of Focus: Typography, Illustration, Page layout, Photography
Favorite Artists: Daniel Clowes, Margaret Kilgallen, William Eggleston
Weakness: Fancy endpapers

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Reece Marsters
A Story-Weaving Wannabe
Areas of Focus: Sketching, Inking, Sci-fi, Comics, Character Design
Favorite Artists: Tite Kubo, Masashi Kishimoto, Ito Ogure, Ryan Stegman, Clay Mann, A bunch of other awesome random artists.
Weakness: Jalapeños

(aka: glitchink)


Grant Thackray
The Cartoon Conductor
Areas of Focus: Doodles, noodles, poodles, kaboodles.
Favorite Artists: Bob Ross, Bill Watterson, the fine folks at Pixar, Pendleton Ward, Studio Ghibli, whoever made this dang ole wonderful planet
Weakness: Fresh air

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Allison Yano
The Wandering Caboose Stowaway
Areas of Focus: Illustration, Character Design, Storytelling, Living, Wondering
Favorite Artists: Edward Hopper, Yuumei, Feng Zhu, Takeshi Obata, the wizards of Production I.G., Studio 4° C, and Studio Ghibli
Weakness: Shiny objects and heavy beats

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Mari Zee
The Switch-Hitting Switchman
Areas of Focus: Photography, cinematography, pornography, comedy… also, comics and drawing.
Favorite Artists: Bryan Lee O’Malley, Julie Doucet, Alison Bechdel, Tom DeLonge
Weakness: Being Mexican. (which also happens to be a strength)

(aka: therobotsareattacking)