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December: The Movie That Might Have Been

7 Dec

AvenGIRLS! Ha! no.

Sometimes people get so invested in a movie that they start developing their own alternate universes for that particular series. It’s fun to think about the favorite character being something completely different, but staying the same in a way. It makes no sense, but it does. Okay, so think of your favorite movie and your favorite character, what would they be like in an alternate universe? Would they be a different gender? Species? Ethnicity? Maybe even a little bit gay? Whatever it is, do it up.



Spambot Loves Craigslist

31 Oct


So this is my first post. I have a huge amount of anxiety posting any of the work that I do ever, so this will be a challenge. I get intimidated because everyone’s work here is so amazing. BUT WE ALL MUST START SOMEWHERE!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my spambot, it took me almost all month to come up with it, draw it, edit, and… Well, you know. You’re an artist, too. Happy Halloween.