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Get Lost

31 Jan


For 2015 I didn’t make any specific resolutions, but one thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is create a series of prints that could potentially become a show or an art book. I’ve been working on a series of portraits based on abstract concepts, so I thought I’d try one for this theme. Also, my environmental concept art skills are not so strong, so this was a sort of cheater-y way out on my part.

You can’t tell it from my scan, but in real life this is printed with eye-hurtingly fluorescent pink ink.


Wir sind die Roboter

30 Nov


I originally planned on doing something based on old robot toys and their packaging, only to discover that I am absolutely horrible at drawing robots. I love drawing people and assumed some of that would carry over, and probably become even easier and more fun cos I’d be able to add springy arms or claws or weird-shaped bodies. Alas, no. Everything I produced was the pencil and paper equivalent of a foil-covered oatmeal box with juice caps hot-glued to the side. Which kind of seemed like the direction I’d have to embrace (and still seems like it would be fun to draw), until I remembered the music video for Die Roboter/The Robots by Kraftwerk and decided to combine it with my initial idea.

Fun times on Craigslist

31 Oct

I need a logo

fur spun into yarn

Lotion guy m4m

Looking for musically inclined geriatrics for a gigging band

Avril Lavigne costume

Sensual Red Head in Liquor Store forest Grove

I decided to illustrate some of my favorite quotes from Craigslist posts I found this month, mostly from either creative gigs or missed connections. My main conclusion is that I need to be more on top of checking the creative section so I don’t miss out on another dream job opportunity, of course by which I mean the job of putting together an Avril Lavigne costume. I know it’s already Halloween and probably too late, but if anyone reading this is in need of similar services, please hire me. I won’t let you down!

October: Craigslist

1 Oct

So, as a person looking for both a job and a place to live, I’ve been spending a lot of time on this here website:


When I’m feeling optimistic, Craigslist seems like the starting point for all sorts of potential stories, a great job I could get, a cool house I could live in, all these potential connections with interesting people just waiting to be made. Other days it’s a giant red flag factory full of sketchy “modeling” opportunities, people who have no idea how to pay for creative work, and barely-suppressed hostility. And sometimes you reach out but just never hear back.

But even when nothing good comes of Craigslist, it’s still a fascinating cross-section of the human experience. It could be a great place to launch a social experiment or participatory art project, or just gawk at the weirdos posting missed connections.

Good luck and welcome back!


Better late than never…

4 Apr


Well, I almost had this done on time, but then the library closed before I had a chance to scan my drawings and I don’t have a scanner of my own, and then after I eventually got them scanned they just sat on my computer for a while…but anyway, I wanted to get something up because last month’s prompt was so great (and with so much pun potential)! This lady is based on an old snapshot I found at an antique store back when I was working on a project on secondhand objects. Since I had so much fun drawing her (and because I have a possibly creepy amount of photographs of strangers) I think I might make this into a series.

I hope everyone’s new classes are going well! I’m taking my senior portfolio class this term which means a lot of soul searching about who I am as a designer and illustrator, going back to rework old projects that were saved in a horribly disorganized manner, and hopefully making a lot of great new illustration work too. Exciting (and terrifying) stuff.



1 Mar


I’ve been doing a lot of block printing lately since the most time-consuming class I signed up for this term got cancelled and I stupidly didn’t add anything to replace it (which I will definitely pay for next term…yeah). Even though this was probably not the best decision academically, it’s been really nice to take a break from making things on the computer and work with with more tactile materials. Also, carving the blocks is time-consuming and mindless, which make it the perfect excuse to marathon TV shows while still (sort of) being able to convince yourself that you are being productive.

I picked this month’s prompt kind of selfishly as people with glasses are probably my favorite thing to draw. It’s a huge pain to get the different colored layers to line up correctly though since misaligned glasses look really weird, and unfortunately not in a lovably quirky way.


16 Feb

Hey guys! Did anyone else notice when no one else posted anything for last month’s prompt? Did anyone else never get around to doing that illustration they were planning on posting late, but eventually? Was anyone else worried that this blog was dead forever? Fortunately, Daniel asked me to give y’all a prompt for this month so…the Ink Tank Engine will ride again? Is that even the right verb to use? Maybe I could put in a Little Engine the Could reference? Anyway, at the very least, I promise I will draw something this month and post it.

Some spectacular spectacles by Elsa Schiaparelli.

Some spectacular spectacles by Elsa Schiaparelli.

The prompt for this last bit of February is SPECTACLE. So take the opportunity to create something over-the-top ridiculous enough to put Baz Luhrmann and Hieronymus Bosch to shame. Or, if you’re short on time and/or ideas, just draw a pair of glasses on seriously anything and you’ll have a great illustration. Enjoy!