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Sam Nielson’s amazing art blog

4 Apr

Click HERE for some yummy stuff!

As a sort of first contribution to this blog, I wanted to share one of my favourite artist bloggers.  Sam Nielson is a fantastic artist, but where I think he shines is in making extremely helpful blog posts with a lot of good tips and tricks about art and the art world.

Browse all or none of his blog, but be sure you take a good look through his “Learning” tag on the side.  That’s where the tasty stuff is.


Jolly good evening to you all!

4 Apr


Hello everyone! I’m new here to the group.

I just wanted to throw a quick introduction up because I think some of you don’t know me too well or at all.

The name’s MaryElise Collier, but usually I just go by Elise.  I graduated from CHS in 2010 and went on to study fibers (with concentrations in illustration and experimental fashion) at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.  I’m currently spending the latter half of my third year abroad in Bournemouth, England, in the costume program at the arts college here.

I enjoy a wide variety of art, from illustrating to puppet making.  When it comes to drawing, I switch back and forth between digital and traditional media, though currently I feel strongest in Photoshop.  I know a few strange tips and tricks there concerning the program, so if you have any questions, hit me up!

You can find more of my current works here on my art tumblr: Fishbowl.

Oh yeah, I’m also a rabid pokemon nerd.

That is all.