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December Prompt

31 Dec

IMAG0144So I am posting this as a cellphone pic from a friends house for New Years. Happy New Years! Sorry, for the quality of the pic. I really wish I would have gotten to color it so the idea would have conveyed better but there was no time. Anyways I recently watched ‘Attack on Titan’. After awhile of thinking I decided to use the apathetic character Levi from my prompt and wondered what he would be like if he existed in the Sailor Moon universe that I watched as a young child. So, here’s Sailor Levi and his duster for ultimate house cleaning.


A Late Craigslist

4 Nov


Sorry this is late ^_^’ I have no amazing excuse besides: midterms and Halloween! Anyways I didn’t give myself much time for this and I don’t really use Craigslist at all sooo… This is all I could come up with while doodling in French class. When My german shepherd passed away a few years ago I decided that when I got another dog it would have to be a shepherd as well. When I went to look for puppies the only place I could think of to find them easily was Craigslist. Sadly most were out of my price range since they were pure bred-as this little doodle promptly states. Maybe someday I’ll get myself another shepherd…someday! 🙂