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Future City

16 Feb

Sorry this is super late! I just wanted to post this environmental piece that I worked on a few months ago.  I thought it fit the prompt for last month pretty well! This was for a short film that I was helping do some VFX for and ended up creating this and a few other shots from scratch. This image is a combination of my work and some talented matte painters who went in and drew some of the detail like the windows and dirt texture.

Launch_Shot02_v4 (0-00-04-10)



1 Dec


Behold: Flin. Or F.L.I.N (still don’t know what the acronym stands for)… Flying uh, Lazy Indigenous Noodle. I’ll work on that.  My only inspiration here was that I wanted to created a simple tiny robot that could potentially be the hero of a future short film.  He still has a long way to go as far as texturing and realism, but he’s simple enough that he could be animated and given some personality.