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Future City

16 Feb

Sorry this is super late! I just wanted to post this environmental piece that I worked on a few months ago.  I thought it fit the prompt for last month pretty well! This was for a short film that I was helping do some VFX for and ended up creating this and a few other shots from scratch. This image is a combination of my work and some talented matte painters who went in and drew some of the detail like the windows and dirt texture.

Launch_Shot02_v4 (0-00-04-10)


(Don’t) Get Lost In Heaven

1 Feb

Aha! I chickened out. I got about this far on an environmental piece before I got overwhelmed.


Or at least, I realized I definitely couldn’t do it in the time frame I set out to. (yesterday. sigh)

So instead, I did a portrait of Jamie Hewlett to celebrate the return of Gorillaz and experimented with watercolor blooms. No photoshop either, booyah.