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December Prompt

31 Dec

IMAG0144So I am posting this as a cellphone pic from a friends house for New Years. Happy New Years! Sorry, for the quality of the pic. I really wish I would have gotten to color it so the idea would have conveyed better but there was no time. Anyways I recently watched ‘Attack on Titan’. After awhile of thinking I decided to use the apathetic character Levi from my prompt and wondered what he would be like if he existed in the Sailor Moon universe that I watched as a young child. So, here’s Sailor Levi and his duster for ultimate house cleaning.


The Human Movie

31 Dec

Have you ever wondered what a character that is based off a human would look like as a human? Well, here’s Emmet from the LEGO movie. I chose the moment when he first sees Wyldstyle, with a reference image below. I hope y’all have a happy new years!

photo (1)


December: The Movie That Might Have Been

7 Dec

AvenGIRLS! Ha! no.

Sometimes people get so invested in a movie that they start developing their own alternate universes for that particular series. It’s fun to think about the favorite character being something completely different, but staying the same in a way. It makes no sense, but it does. Okay, so think of your favorite movie and your favorite character, what would they be like in an alternate universe? Would they be a different gender? Species? Ethnicity? Maybe even a little bit gay? Whatever it is, do it up.



1 Dec


Behold: Flin. Or F.L.I.N (still don’t know what the acronym stands for)… Flying uh, Lazy Indigenous Noodle. I’ll work on that.  My only inspiration here was that I wanted to created a simple tiny robot that could potentially be the hero of a future short film.  He still has a long way to go as far as texturing and realism, but he’s simple enough that he could be animated and given some personality.

WIP: (Character Design)

1 Dec


Unemployed life is was surprisingly busy! I’ve been spending a lot of time lately putting together portfolios and resurrecting old pieces, and sadly I didn’t finish the little robot character that I was starting to work out in my sketchbook above.

I’ve been doing more research about character design, and lo and behold, it’s not just a single drawing of a made-up character (blast)! So I wanted to do a full character sheet of poses, silhouettes, rotations, the whole enchilada, and I’m still planning on it. I just didn’t get it done amidst the other applications I’ve been working on.

Speaking of which, hey! I’m not unemployed anymore! I start working tomorrow at LAIKA animation studio, and I couldn’t be more excited. I hope that goes without saying, ’cause holy crap, I’m still freaking out about it! Fun fact, the director of Rapid Prototyping (dept. where I’ll be working) mentioned this blog in my interview! He was going over my portfolio beforehand and said it caught his interest. So go team! You’re awesome and helped me find a jæb!

Hopefully I’ll post the finished character sheet soon!