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Better late than never…

4 Apr


Well, I almost had this done on time, but then the library closed before I had a chance to scan my drawings and I don’t have a scanner of my own, and then after I eventually got them scanned they just sat on my computer for a while…but anyway, I wanted to get something up because last month’s prompt was so great (and with so much pun potential)! This lady is based on an old snapshot I found at an antique store back when I was working on a project on secondhand objects. Since I had so much fun drawing her (and because I have a possibly creepy amount of photographs of strangers) I think I might make this into a series.

I hope everyone’s new classes are going well! I’m taking my senior portfolio class this term which means a lot of soul searching about who I am as a designer and illustrator, going back to rework old projects that were saved in a horribly disorganized manner, and hopefully making a lot of great new illustration work too. Exciting (and terrifying) stuff.