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The Native

5 Jan


Warm up those character generators my friends, because this year’s first prompt is The Native.
I’m currently out here in Clyde Park, Montana (i.e. middle of bumfuck nowhere) for a friend’s wedding that happened yesterday in Yellowstone. The temperature this morning was 0 degrees fahrenheit, there’s very little in the department of edible shrubbery, and I’m wondering one thing: HOW the DICKENS did people survive in this god-forsaken region of the planet?!
Turns out they didn’t just survive, but the natives of this area eventually found a pretty efficient way of life. But they were entirely molded by their environment, and there’s no question that they were a hardy breed of people because of it.
Native is definitely a relative term, and I think we’re all most certainly shaped by our environment in one way or another. But I think the concept definitely lends itself to some interesting character possibilities, so have fun with this prompt!


Pictured: Not a native.