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NO. no, I haven’t.

30 Nov



One thing that’s always annoyed the living shit out of me was the unabashed, freshly fabricated surprise that some people give you when you tell them you don’t know about a band, movie, record label, graphic novel, brewery, independent coffee shop, thrift store, or Sudanese vegetable tea recipe.

Oh, seriously?

I’m really surprised you haven’t heard of them.

You must have had, like, a really sheltered childhood or something.

Yeah–sorry about that. I’ll tell my subconscious to stop avoiding everything that you happen to consider tasteful. Because y’know, it takes a LOT OF FUCKING EFFORT to be unaware of things you’re unaware of.

Or, in the words of Edmond Burt, 1730: “Here is gentility in disguise; and I am sorry to say that this kind of vanity in people of no fortune makes them ridiculous to strangers, and I wish they could divest themselves of it…”

So you and your Helvetica-tone-of-voice can get the hell out of here.


My Pet, Peeves

30 Nov


I don’t have that many personal annoyances, so I decided to see what it would look like if I drew something as a manifestation of a pet peeve. I guess this one is “Chewing with your mouth open,” which I must admit is a bit gross.

I realize the photo’s a bit blurry, but the drawing in real life is actually pretty small–only a few inches across–and the only way I have to capture it is my iphone camera. But it’s just black pen and watercolor, if it wasn’t obvious.


The Neon Menace

30 Nov


While I don’t write or put marks in books, I generally don’t mind when others do so.  It creates an interesting history of the previous readers of that particular copy of the book and what words they were drawn to. I love finding evidence of people who used something before me, with one glaring, neon exception: highlighting! It looks stupid and obvious and is just aesthetically awful. It does make it easy to find a particular passage, so I’d understand using it for notes or print-outs, but why destroy a perfectly good book for the sake of convenience?

Pet Hates and Petty Annoyances

1 Nov


November. It’s the month of Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on those who have helped make your life better and on the importance of gratitude. While that’s all well and good, I propose you all also take a little time to reflect on its opposite, not great injustice, but stupid trivial things that bother you more than they should. Bad kerning in movie credits, wet trays in the cafeteria, when you’re looking for a particular clip from a popular TV show and YouTube lets you down (twice for this post!), all things that are loathsome and kind of enjoyable in how much we hate them despite how ridiculous and petty it is to do so.

And to balance a somewhat negative-seeming prompt, I’d like to express my gratitude toward the great UK women’s magazine Oh Comely, which has great illustration features, including one that I am blatantly ripping off with this month’s theme.


Dissonance in the Desert

1 Nov

Dissonance in the Desert

this picture turned out pretty cool considering I did it on late notice! A lot of the bits were inspired by my friends and also I had been thinking that it should have something related to the podcast “Welcome To Nightvale” (which you should definitely check out is you haven’t heard of it) The story depends on a lot of dissonant ideas so and I’d been listening to it a lot so I was glad I was able to get the desert feel as well as that bright fuschia color in the sound wave. Also the left foot purposely has six toes… to add to the strangeness…