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A formidable challenge.

30 Sep

If you’re looking to have a go at the most challenging easter egg hunt you’ve ever been on, you know who should design it?


Instead of spending these last few days of September colouring an illustration, it’s been a wild goose chase in searching for my goddamn wacom tablet. And it’s pissing me the hell off!

In the meantime, here’s a teaser/sample of the drawing.

ritzybryan copy


Is it a portrait? Bingo! Did I drop the hint of who the portrait is of somewhere in this post? Yes, yes I did that too.


Giant Earthrise Seattle Golden Hour Lens Flare Tuxedo Time

30 Sep

Giant Sci-Fi Earthrise Seattle Golden Hour

Hey! This is a thing I did a while ago! Because I was too busy Australing, I completely didn’t notice October trying to sucker punch me! Luckily it involved the Golden Hour so this isn’t even cheating at all! I did this in Photoshop, obviously. I wasn’t wearing a tuxedo when I took the giant earthrise golden hour sunshine photo of myself in Seattle.


Big Hair Don’t Care

30 Sep


I originally wanted to take a more realistic/photo-based approach to this prompt, but since I’ve been back in Portland it’s been pretty much nonstop clouds and rain. I normally wouldn’t mind (though I’ve been caught in enough rainstorms this past week to make me seriously reevaluate my umbrellas-are-for-tourists policy), but it’s not the greatest for taking pictures of light and shadow. So I decided to interpret the pretty lighting/halo-y effects on hair as the sun goes down, minus all realism.

The linework is pen scanned and digitized in Photoshop, and the colors are from playing around with my trusty Crayola watercolor paint set, which is a pretty great way to deal with back-to-school anxiety. I hope everyone’s fall terms are good so far!

Golden Hour

8 Sep

Golden Hour

Here’s one of the facets of earth that reduces me to blubbering tears of nostalgia. Photographers are well-acquainted with this magical stretch of daylight before the world sinks into dusk, the time just before all ISOs skyrocket in hopes of squeezing every last shot out of the light that even makes shit look majestic.

Yes, it’s the Golden Hour! And it’s beautiful. But as with all prompts, the term “Golden Hour” is up to interpretation and I could certainly see it going many ways. Part of why I chose it is because I see September (and partly October) as the golden hour of the calendar year.

So play, have fun, and get nostalgic! And thanks to Michelle for reminding me to jump in for a prompt! Here’s some mood music if you’re in the market for it.