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Quolls with Cocktails and Dingos in Cutoffs

31 Aug

down under

I’ve been wanting to practice drawing animals for a while now, and since Australia is home to so many weird and amazing animals this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I also am pretty uncomfortable with drawing full bodies and poses so this was a fun way to practice, given that anthropomorphized animals in clothes are inherently unrealistic and kind of bizarre-looking. I’m not sure how I feel about them. Also, I just realized that all the animals I gave drinks/dj equipment forgot to put on clothes, for whatever reason.

And btw they’re dancing to “Mamma Mia” by ABBA.



Koala-ty Assurance

31 Aug

Koala-ty Assurance RGB-01


Their motto is “You’ll kanga-rue the day you didn’t keep up on safety standards!”

Outback in my day, wordplay was king! But I guess that’s the way things walla-be.

Down Undah!

3 Aug

tour-down-under copy


August’s theme this time around is “DOWN UNDAH!” So get out your tucker bag, go find a nice billabong to camp along, and sit under a coolibah tree as you watch the jumbucks gambole about and wait for your billy to boil.

And, since musical inspiration seems to be a common practice on this site lately, here’s something that will also perhaps help you understand what the devil I just said in the previous passage, mate.