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I Scream, Man

31 Jul

I Scream, Man

I’m sorry if looked at this before going to sleep.


Ach, drammach! And SANDWICH CARROTS!

31 Jul









Bah! Of course they wouldn’t have ice cream in the 18th century. Where did he get that silly idea?

For those of you without context, “Sawney” was a nickname for a Scotsman, now obsolete of course. The Scots, particularly the highlanders, were exceptionally unpopular during that period, and ended up being the butt of many jokes and stereotypes. Check out this example and this one, too.

“Drammach” is oats with cold water–the typical scots po’ boy go-to. Sometimes with milk, or cow’s blood. Yum.

I’ve been studying cartoons and caricature from the 1700s a lot lately and they’re pretty funny in their own right. I wanted to try my hand at one, though a totally non-period approach (structure emulated more of Kate Beaton), it was interesting to see how the two styles blended. Those word bubbles can be a bugger to read, but that’s how they did it!

Plus, I just wanted to make something that involved sandwich-carrots. Dainty sandwich-carrots.


Ice Cream Wizard

31 Jul


This is Wenceslas P. Wafflecone, conjuror of treats, sorcerer of sugar. To appease his non-magical customer base he’s given his products rather ordinary shapes, but bite into them and you’ll find extraordinary flavors. What looks like an innocuous grape popsicle is probably a mix of licorice, molasses, and plum, with a hint of chili. His ice creams might change flavor with every lick, or be infused with something abstract like sorrow (that would be the meloncholy pop, which is a quite tasty combination of honeydew, cantaloupe, and lime). Though he likes to think of himself as some sort of flavor wizard (in the non-literal sense), he’s mostly just a somewhat pretentious guy who reads too many food magazines.

You Got Ice Cream in my Sandwiches!

31 Jul

You Got Ice Cream in my Sandwiches!-01

I don’t know if I’m getting this up on exactly the right day, but I’m aiming my best. Maybe it’s half an hour too early. I know it’s almost midnight over there, but I don’t know if it’s midnight today or yesterday. Whatevs. I wanted to try a new style this month, so I did. It’s just all on Illustrator. I found some photos of a crashed car and ice cream truck and traced them loosely, with my own additions.


1 Jul

ice cream prompt

In honor of National Ice Cream month (and the fact that it’s just starting to get disgustingly hot here), this month’s prompt is that purveyor of fine desserts, that savior of summer, the ice cream man!

Also, I’ve been on a bit of a Tom Waits kick for the past few months and this song’s been stuck in my head.