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30 Apr


I realized at precisely 11:20pm tonight that I hadn’t done the drawing yet. Although to be fair I did get home from class at 10:45pm. This little guy’s name is Babelgess, and he’s a mix between a Pegasus and a Cerberus. Don’t ask me about the fractions, because I don’t know. Because a pegasus is already half-horse and half-bird, and a cerberus is one-third dog and two-thirds different dogs? This li’l fella is just pen on paper, because that’s classic. I wanted to go for a bit more realistic style than I usually do. So I drew a three-headed dog-horse with wings. Naturally.


The Galactapillar (WIP)

30 Apr

The Galactapillar WIP

Well sadly, it looks like I’m not going to finish my piece tonight as I’ve got an asinine amount of work to do, so I’m posting another in-progress. Damn I’m racking up a lot of drawing homework!

This guy’s actually a recapitulation of a doodle I did in high school statistics, which was the worst class I’ve ever taken. Made for great doodling time, though!

I’m trying to get the hang of coloring with Photoshop and it seems to be going okay so far. I think once I start getting better at isolating/selecting which area I want to be actively painting. Elise, if there any tips it looks like I need that you’d like to share regarding Photoshop painting, I’d absolutely love to hear ’em!

In the other news, if you’re interested in seeing something more complete, I applied for Disney Animation’s Visual Development internship for the summer. I’ve really no idea what my odds are since I know those things are friggin’ competitive, but I thought I might as well toss my hat into the ring! Check out my application portfolio here.

Now that we’re (almost) in May, I’ll try and get my last two WIP’s finished and up, for the sake of sake. And art. But mostly sake… best when served hot.

Cheers you lot!

Mon ami Albert

30 Apr


Here’s a picture I drew of me hanging out with Albert (he’s a huge francophile so don’t pronounce that pesky end ‘t,’ s’il vous plaît), my Greater Accordionback Armadillo. Despite his shyness, he can’t help being quite loud, and as you’d expect we do get our fair share of noise complaints. Albert generally feels a little bad, but based on what we hear walking through the halls, we figure it’s an improvement over our neighbor’s usual music.

Also, I feel obligated to point out that I don’t actually play the banjo. Or rather, I learned one song, but I haven’t practiced in months so I’ve forgotten it. Fortunately it has a good accordion part! Though Albert is more of an Edith Piaf fan.

So far, this has been the prompt I’ve finished the earliest in the month (thanks to being intimidated by web design homework, yay!), which is fortunate because all this week I’ve been scrambling to get ready for this Thursday’s Be Honest, which is the Portland State design program’s annual portfolio showcase. It’s been a fun time of printing difficulties, having no time for schoolwork and feeling bad about the quality of my work, but hopefully it’ll be an opportunity to meet cool, inspiring people, or at the very least be more prepared for next year.


Vlogged Everyday In April

30 Apr

Vlogged Everyday In April

Hey! So, I’ve been pretty busy this month with Vlogging this month, but I will get my art for this prompt done, well… promptly!  I tried to work on it on the airplane ride home from Las Vegas, but then this annoying lady next to me fell asleep and spilled her sprite on my arm so I lost all desire to have paper out during the remainder of the trip.

Sam Nielson’s amazing art blog

4 Apr

Click HERE for some yummy stuff!

As a sort of first contribution to this blog, I wanted to share one of my favourite artist bloggers.  Sam Nielson is a fantastic artist, but where I think he shines is in making extremely helpful blog posts with a lot of good tips and tricks about art and the art world.

Browse all or none of his blog, but be sure you take a good look through his “Learning” tag on the side.  That’s where the tasty stuff is.

Jolly good evening to you all!

4 Apr


Hello everyone! I’m new here to the group.

I just wanted to throw a quick introduction up because I think some of you don’t know me too well or at all.

The name’s MaryElise Collier, but usually I just go by Elise.  I graduated from CHS in 2010 and went on to study fibers (with concentrations in illustration and experimental fashion) at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.  I’m currently spending the latter half of my third year abroad in Bournemouth, England, in the costume program at the arts college here.

I enjoy a wide variety of art, from illustrating to puppet making.  When it comes to drawing, I switch back and forth between digital and traditional media, though currently I feel strongest in Photoshop.  I know a few strange tips and tricks there concerning the program, so if you have any questions, hit me up!

You can find more of my current works here on my art tumblr: Fishbowl.

Oh yeah, I’m also a rabid pokemon nerd.

That is all.


“Lions, Tigers, and _________, oh my!”

3 Apr

Hello all! Sorry for the delay and I guess I’m up next for this month’s prompt. So I would like to propose an InkTank bestiary! Post your favorite pet of your wildest dreams or a creature so extraordinary that you cry bitter tears because Mother Nature did not see fit to bring it into existence. Furry, scaly, creepy, crawly, or just downright wacky, create away fellow Imaginators, create away.

P.S. Make sure to share a little background on your creature!