Future City

16 Feb

Sorry this is super late! I just wanted to post this environmental piece that I worked on a few months ago.  I thought it fit the prompt for last month pretty well! This was for a short film that I was helping do some VFX for and ended up creating this and a few other shots from scratch. This image is a combination of my work and some talented matte painters who went in and drew some of the detail like the windows and dirt texture.

Launch_Shot02_v4 (0-00-04-10)


(Don’t) Get Lost In Heaven

1 Feb

Aha! I chickened out. I got about this far on an environmental piece before I got overwhelmed.


Or at least, I realized I definitely couldn’t do it in the time frame I set out to. (yesterday. sigh)

So instead, I did a portrait of Jamie Hewlett to celebrate the return of Gorillaz and experimented with watercolor blooms. No photoshop either, booyah.


Get Lost

31 Jan


For 2015 I didn’t make any specific resolutions, but one thing I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is create a series of prints that could potentially become a show or an art book. I’ve been working on a series of portraits based on abstract concepts, so I thought I’d try one for this theme. Also, my environmental concept art skills are not so strong, so this was a sort of cheater-y way out on my part.

You can’t tell it from my scan, but in real life this is printed with eye-hurtingly fluorescent pink ink.

January 2015: GET LOST

5 Jan


Where would you like to get lost? Where do you most commonly get lost? How do you know you’re lost and what do you see?

Though it’s not something most of us experience in our day-to-day lives, being lost is a unique, unmistakable, and undeniably fascinating concept. Also potentially upsetting if you’ve got some place to be, but let’s disregard that for a moment and just steep in the sensation.

This January, let’s GET LOST and see your best environment concepts, and how you choose to immerse us in the feeling of being lost!


Market Place blaise_450


December Prompt

31 Dec

IMAG0144So I am posting this as a cellphone pic from a friends house for New Years. Happy New Years! Sorry, for the quality of the pic. I really wish I would have gotten to color it so the idea would have conveyed better but there was no time. Anyways I recently watched ‘Attack on Titan’. After awhile of thinking I decided to use the apathetic character Levi from my prompt and wondered what he would be like if he existed in the Sailor Moon universe that I watched as a young child. So, here’s Sailor Levi and his duster for ultimate house cleaning.

The Human Movie

31 Dec

Have you ever wondered what a character that is based off a human would look like as a human? Well, here’s Emmet from the LEGO movie. I chose the moment when he first sees Wyldstyle, with a reference image below. I hope y’all have a happy new years!

photo (1)


December: The Movie That Might Have Been

7 Dec

AvenGIRLS! Ha! no.

Sometimes people get so invested in a movie that they start developing their own alternate universes for that particular series. It’s fun to think about the favorite character being something completely different, but staying the same in a way. It makes no sense, but it does. Okay, so think of your favorite movie and your favorite character, what would they be like in an alternate universe? Would they be a different gender? Species? Ethnicity? Maybe even a little bit gay? Whatever it is, do it up.